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Total Hearing Care provides a full line of products to improve one’s ability to communicate and function more independently, as well as accessories to help care for your hearing instruments.

Assistive Devices:

Amplified Telephones
can be standard corded desktop versions or cordless. With adjustable volume and up to 50dB boost, the phones are perfect for everyone and also make great gifts!
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Alerting Devices
Including vibrating alarm clocks, flashing doorbell signalers, loud telephone ringers, flashing baby monitors and more!

Direct ear systems use infrared technology to permit the wearer to set the volume at their comfort level, independent of the volume setting on the TV for other listeners!
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Accessories and Cleaning Tools:

Drying Boxes
are critical for hearing instruments to extend the life and efficiency of the instrument by removing humidity and moisture.

The Dry and Store Global and the Zephyr are the ultimate appliances for care of hearing instruments. The Dry & Store Global (DSG) and the Zephyr are designed to greatly reduce moisture-related problems such as distortion, weakness, switch control troubles, and intermittency. These machines circulate conditioned, heated air, which lifts moisture molecules from the sensitive parts of the hearing instrument. The molecules are then carried to the specially designed desiccant brick, where they are absorbed. The DSG also sanitizes the hearing instrument using a germicidal lamp, which reduces itchy ears as well as the chance of recurring outer ear infections.

Moisture Guard
is a stylish, compact box with a wood finish. It uses gentle, dry heat to dry the hearing instruments.

A Travel Microwaveable Hearing Instrument Saver is perfect for the traveler with limited luggage space. The Saver uses a microwaveable desiccant pillow that can be reused over and over.

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Cleaning Tools
We can show you how to use Brushes and other Hearing Instrument Cleaning Tools to personally clean your instruments. We carry Wax Filters for a majority of hearing instruments, provide specialized solutions for itching ears, wax removal, water in the ears, and more!