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Consistent cleaning of your instruments is critical in extending their life and effectiveness. At Total Hearing Care, we provide comprehensive cleaning services and carry a full complement of hearing instrument batteries.

Battery life is related to the size of the battery, your degree of hearing loss, the extent of the automatic features of the devices, the number of hours you wear the instruments, and how high they are set. On average, zinc-air batteries will last anywhere from one to three weeks. You should not keep zinc-air hearing instrument batteries in the refrigerator. Either recycle or carefully throw away zinc-air batteries after use. Do not leave them around – children may mistake them for pills or candy, or pets may ingest them accidentally.

Zinc-air battery packaging is color-coded:

Batteriessize 675 – blue
size 13 – orange
size 312 – brown
size 10 – yellow




We carry several brands of zinc-air batteries not generally offered in generic pharmacy displays, including Rayovac ProLine Advanced, Premium Starkey, and Power One. Our stock is rotated regularly, guaranteeing that your batteries have not been sitting for months on the shelf. These fresh premium batteries last longer than generic store-brands. Additionally, with each battery purchase, we thoroughly clean your instruments and put them in our high-powered dehumidifier, which can extend the instrument life and efficiency.

For tips on how to clean and care for your instruments at home, click here to read more