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*Free Amplifies Phones for Texas Residents

At Total Hearing Care, we take pride in offering timely, courteous and professional service for your full range of hearing needs.

Full Hearing Evaluation and Hearing Instrument Consultation
A certified audiologist will evaluate your ears and hearing to determine the degree and type of any hearing loss. After explaining the results, if amplification is appropriate, you will be given the opportunity to personally listen to instrument demonstrations. read more

Complete Range of Hearing Instruments Available
Since no single hearing instrument manufacturer may have the ideal solution for every person, at Total Hearing Care, we work with many major manufacturers to find what is best for you. read more

Earmolds and Swim Molds
Each individual ear is unique, and Total Hearing Care takes custom impressions for comfortable custom ear molds to attach to hearing instruments or floatable swim molds to keep the ear canals dry while in water. read more

Recreational and Occupational Hearing Protection Devices
Protecting your hearing to prevent future hearing loss is a priority at Total Hearing Care. Custom products are available for the specific needs of motorcyclists, dentists, pilots, hunters, emergency response personnel and anyone else who needs a comfortable, effective way to protect their hearing. read more

Musician and Personal Listening Products
Specialized earpieces allow you to hear the same great quality of music accurately, but at a safer volume than without the sound protection. These are great for professional musicians and casual music lovers, alike. Enjoy a more comfortable option for an Ipod or personal listening system than standard ear buds. read more

Battery and Cleaning Services
Total Hearing Care offers free hearing instrument cleaning with any battery purchase. Regular cleaning prolongs the life and effectiveness of your devices. read more

Assistive Devices and Accessories
Total Hearing Care provides a full line of products to improve one’s ability to communicate and function more independently, including amplified telephones, TV listening devices, vibrating alarm clocks, as well as accessories. read more