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For many years now my hearing needs have been under the very qualified care of Dr. Jill Copley of Total Hearing Care of Dallas. Jill has been very determined that I hear as best possible each and every day in my many activities of volunteer work with neighborhoods and the Dallas Police Department. She knows not only my concern for being able to hear questions in meetings, but, to be able to not only hear the question but understand the question by getting the best possible reception from my hearing instruments so that I can respond properly. That to me is the ultimate in hearing care! So, take my word for it, the staff at Total Hearing Care of Dallas, Abrams Location and Dr. Jill Copley all are concerned that they give the very best in customer service and that the customer leaves with answers to their questions. Answers that will lead to a more fulfilling life of service to others as we visit with and work with people in our daily life. Thanks Jill and all at Total Hearing. I appreciate your dedication to me and my needs.

D. Wood, Dallas

Total Hearing Care was so enthusiastic; it was such a pleasure to work with them. I could tell they actually enjoyed and got excited when I could hear!! From the minute I was fit with my hearing aids a new life opened up. I felt like I was let out of prison!

F. Evans

Make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing in Audiology. Total Hearing Care is excellent and stands out from those out there who are simply selling hearing aids. They are positive and do a great job of explaining what to expect.

C. Gibson

People are amazed I'm wearing the hearing instruments. I was as excited as if I'd gotten a diamond ring...telling everybody (about them). My husband is very much impressed with what you've done with his wife.

M.J. Fletcher

Now that I can hear I no longer feel I am developing dementia, senility or Alzheimer's. I felt like I was losing it and didn't know why. Thank God it was only my hearing.

B. Ellinger

The quality of care I have received at Total Hearing Care has always been amazing. I have always been taken care of in a courteous and helpful manner. If I ever have a problem, I am always helped quickly and efficiently. I honestly could not ask for better customer service than what I have received there.

S. Amyx

I intend to continue my work caring and advising young parents of babies and children. I had considered retiring as I was having trouble understanding young mothers' voices. Thanks again.

L. Gary, MD

I chose Total Hearing Care at random and will never regret this choice. Their concern for your hearing problems goes far beyond the normal.

N. Halbrook

My son has been wearing hearing aids since he was four years old. He is now eleven. It has always been a battle to get him to wear his hearing aids. He loves his new hearing aids! He can now hear subtle sounds he never heard before. Most importantly, he willingly wears his new aids every day.

D. Castillo

Hearing is precious. It helps to make you whole again. It takes away the enormous feeling of inadequacy and despair that overwhelms you when you are missing everything going on around you.

N. Tadlock

Don't be afraid or embarrassed (by hearing loss). Your hearing is just as important as your vision. Get the hearing aids!

M. Tarradell

Total Hearing Care is not "just a company," but a group of caring individuals who share in my personal accomplishments, made possible by being able to hear. I have been able to complete my college education and embark on a career rather than settling for "just a job".

S. Toal

I have been in many professional offices in my 75 years, but Total Hearing Care is the warmest, the most professional, yet relaxing, office I have ever been in. The staff CANNOT be surpassed. They know what they are doing and have the patient's well-being foremost in their hearts.

A. Cassity

Thank you for making it possible for me to hear for all these years. I truly believe that you are the only one who could have done it or cared enough to try – really try. You made it possible for me to enjoy my life and to save my marriage. I wonder if you are truly aware of the effects of what you do and how it influences other people's lives in so many aspects of living. Your life has been so worthwhile.

E. Connell

In late 2005 Debbie sold me a behind the ear set of hearing aids, and when I was hit in the right ear by a line drive golf ball, the hearing aid took 90% of the impact and I escaped brain injury and was left with only a minor cut on the ear-lobe. I owe my life to Debbie and I praise her everyday.

R. Vial

Total Hearing Care is a very attractive and comfortable office. You feel as though you’ve entered a welcoming atmosphere, with friendly persons, to make you comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Hearing Care to any of my friends.

B. Weishaupt