Our Services

We treat patients aged 4+. We can also recommend other health providers to take care of more specialized hearing needs when necessary.
Our services include:
  • Counseling

Consultations Include:

  • In-depth hearing case history

  • Discussion of hearing and communications needs

  • Hearing evaluation

  • Discussion of the types of hearing aids that match your needs

  • Insurance benefit research

  • Hearing aid purchase

  • Orientation to the use of hearing aids

  • General hearing testing

We use a series of noninvasive tests to identify the nature and severity of your hearing loss.

Conducting a hearing test.
  • Diagnostic hearing testing

This type of testing looks for specific medical conditions that might require the attention of a medical doctor. If necessary, we are happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Audiologist looking in to an ear with an otoscope.
  • Hearing aid fitting and sales

We match you with the appropriate hearing aid technology for your unique hearing loss.

  • Hearing aid programming

We calibrate your hearing aids to your hearing and lifestyle needs.

  • Hearing aid repairs and service

We can do many hearing aid repairs and service in-house, or we are happy to coordinate with your manufacturer to complete the service. Often, the cost of repairs are covered by your warranty. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about your coverage.

A Total Heairng Care employee evaluates the performance of a hearing aid
  • Ear Molds

Ear molds are used to create custom fits for hearing aids or hearing protection — for loud music, swimming, hunting, industrial settings, and more.

A woman has a hearing aid inserted into her ear as a part of a hearing aid fitting.
  • Earwax Removal

We provide safe, professional earwax cleaning services.

A man has his ears inspected by an audiologist

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The most important thing we do is listen to you.