Hearing Evaluations

Conducting a hearing test.

Welcome to Total Hearing Care, a dedicated provider of exceptional hearing care for our valued patients. If you find yourself experiencing difficulty in hearing or understanding speech, particularly in noisy environments, or struggle to follow conversations on the phone or enjoy television, our team of experienced audiologists is here to assist you. A comprehensive hearing evaluation is the first step towards improving your overall quality of life, and in this section, we will delve into what a hearing evaluation entails and the potential benefits it holds for you.

The Process of a Hearing Evaluation

At Total Hearing Care, a hearing evaluation commences with a detailed assessment of your medical history. During this crucial step, our audiologists will inquire about your symptoms and how they impact your daily life. Subsequently, we will proceed with an audiometric test, which aims to measure your hearing ability.

To evaluate your hearing, our audiologists will administer a series of sounds, assessing your perception of various tones and words. Additionally, you may be requested to perform simple tasks, such as raising your hand when you hear a sound or repeating words after they are played.

After analyzing the results of your hearing evaluation, our audiologists will provide recommendations on the most suitable strategies to manage your specific hearing loss. If a hearing aid is deemed beneficial, we will collaborate closely with you to identify the ideal device that meets your individual needs and budgetary considerations.

Insights Gained from a Hearing Evaluation

A comprehensive hearing evaluation at Total Hearing Care provides valuable insights into various aspects of our auditory health. This includes assessing our ability to hear speech and other sounds effectively, as well as determining our understanding of what we hear. Additionally, any existing problems with our hearing are identified, enabling our team to determine the most appropriate treatment options and best practices for managing our unique hearing needs.

Take the First Step: Schedule a Hearing Evaluation Today

If you suspect that you or a loved one may be experiencing hearing difficulties, we encourage you to take prompt action by scheduling a hearing evaluation. Remember, the sooner hearing problems are identified, the earlier we can develop an effective treatment plan to address them. Act now to reclaim your quality of hearing and enhance your overall well-being.