A picture of the Thrive by Cognivue.

Total Hearing Care is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional care. We are thrilled to announce that we now offer cognitive screenings with the revolutionary Cognivue Thrive technology.

How Does Cognivue Thrive Work?

Cognivue Thrive utilizes FDA-cleared technology to evaluate cognitive function, a widely-used method by neurologists. During your complimentary hearing evaluation, we conduct a comprehensive cognitive screening to assess the impact of hearing loss on your cognition and monitor your progress after the fitting.

Understanding the Process

Cognivue Thrive enables us to analyze cognitive health in-depth, covering crucial aspects such as memory, visuospatial awareness, and executive function. These elements significantly contribute to overall performance, regardless of age. Additionally, Cognivue Thrive incorporates reaction time and speed processing measurements, allowing us to promptly identify any deficiencies and devise actionable strategies for improvement. With this detailed analysis, we can also keep track of your progress over time, ensuring that you are consistently moving forward on your cognitive journey.

What’s Next?

Contact Total Hearing Care today to discover more about Cognivue Thrive and how it can enhance your cognitive well-being.